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Find experts across Johns Hopkins involved in research and teaching related to environment, energy, sustainability and/or health. The following list is organized by the expert's last name. You can also search by area of expertise.

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Stuart Chaitkin

Senior Associate, Dept of Environmental Health and Engineering
Bloomberg School of Public Health

Research Areas:
  • Energy, environment and public health linkages.
  • Energy regulation and policy analysis.
  • Regional transportation planning and analysis.
  • Sustainable cities.           
Keywords: Energy and health, transportation

Jonah Erlebacher

Professor, Dept of Materials Science and Engineering
Whiting School of Engineering

Jonah.Erlebacher@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Materials applied to energy technologies – fuel cells, electrocatalysis, ultra-high strength and durable metals, and novel methods for carbon fiber production.
  • Developing new catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells.
Keywords: Energy, Nanoparticles

Christopher Overcash

Instructor, Engineering for Professionals, Whiting School of Engineering
Vice President, Environmental Discipline, KCI Technologies Inc.

covercash@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Water and wastewater infrastructure sustainability, reliability and design
  • Infrastructure adaptation to climate change
  • Corporate environmental and social responsibility
  • Aeration of open water system to improve quality
  • Tidal pumping systems
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Atmospheric water generation system analysis
  • Marine and dredging projects and sustainable design
  • Analysis of environmental site contamination and remediation
Keywords: Infrastructure and Built Environment, Civil Engineering, Climate Change, Ecosystem/ Environmental Management, Environmental Policy, Resource Management, Transportation, Waste and Resource Use, Water

Sauleh Siddiqui

Assistant Professor, Dept of Civil Engineering
Whiting School of Engineering

siddiqui@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Develop game theory and optimization models for global natural gas and environmental markets.
  • Examine decision making under uncertainty with energy and infrastructure applications.

E²SHI-Supported Projects

Making Baltimore bicycle friendly through a public health and systems engineering analysis

Keywords: Civil engineering, Systems engineering, Transportation, Energy markets

The whole problem of health, in soil, plant, animal, and man is one great subject.
— Sir Albert Howard