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Public Health Infrastructure/Emergency Prepardness

Daniel Barnett

Associate Professor, Dept of Environmental Health and Engineering 
Bloomberg School of Public Health

dbarnett@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Public health emergency preparedness and response
  • Population resiliency
  • Scarce resource allocation in public health crises
  • Peak petroleum & public health infrastructure

Selected Publications

Barnett, D.J., Parke, C.L., Caine, V.A., McKee, M., Shirley, L.M., Links, J.M. (2011). “Petroleum Scarcity and Public Health: Considerations for Local Health Departments.” American Journal of Public Health, 101(9), pp. 1580-1586.

Keywords: Behavior Change, Health/Behavior/Society, Public Health, Emergency Preparedness

Megan Weil Latshaw

Co-Lead, Environmental Challenges Focus Area, Bloomberg American Health Initiative
Co-Director of Masters Programs, Dept of Environmental Health and Engineering
Bloomberg School of Public Health

Chair, American Public Health Association Environment Section

mlatshaw@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Building capacity for Masters programs and supporting graduate students.
  • Environmental health systems and surveillance
  • Public laboratories doing environmental analyses (i.e. measuring contaminants in air, water, soil, and people) with a focus on policy and practice.
Keywords: Environment and health, Public health practice/policy

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