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Find experts across Johns Hopkins involved in research and teaching related to environment, energy, sustainability and/or health. The following list is organized by the expert's last name. You can also search by area of expertise.

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Jessie Buckley

Assistant Professor, Dept of Environmental Health and Engineering
Bloomberg School of Public Health

jbuckl19@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Exposure assessment, endocrine disrupting compounds, and children's health.
  • Quantifying exposure to emerging environmental chemicals.
Keywords: Environmental exposures

Gregory Diette

Associate Professor, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
School of Medicine

gdiette@jhmi.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Identifying factors that cause or provoke asthma, especially in air pollutants and allergens that are especially problematic in inner city homes. 
  • Examining how dietary patterns, especially a Western style diet may increase susceptibility to inhalable pollutants and allergens.
Keywords: Air Pollution, Behavior Change, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Health Policy

Christopher Heaney

Associate Professor, Dept of Environmental Health and Engineering
Bloomberg School of Public Health

cheaney1@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Environmental epidemiology
  • Occupational infectious disease
  • Waterborne disease
  • Climate change and health
  • Public health impacts of industrial food animal production systems
  • Local sustainable food systems
  • Environmental and health impacts of solid waste disposal practices
Keywords: Agriculture/food, Air pollution, Climate change, Environmental health, Epidemiology, Solid waste

Roger Peng

Professor, Dept of Biostatistics
Bloomberg School of Public Health

rdpeng@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Health effects of ambient and indoor air pollution.
  • Human health impacts of climate change.

Selected Publications

Anderson, G.B., Bell, M.L., Peng, R.D. (2013). “Methods to Calculate the Heat Index as an Exposure Metric in Environmental Health Research.” Environmental Health Perspectives, 121(10), pp. 1111-1119.

Bobb, J.F., Dominici, F., Peng, R.D. (2011). “A Bayesian model averaging approach for estimating the relative risk of mortality associated with heat waves in 105 U.S. cities.” Biometrics, 67(4), pp. 1605-1616.

Heaton, M.J., & Peng, R.D. (2012). “Flexible Distributed Lag Models Using Random Functions With Application to Estimating Mortality Displacement From Heat-Related Deaths.” Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics, 17(3), pp. 313-331.

E²SHI-Supported Projects

"Health effects of extreme heat on asthma."

Keywords: Air Pollution, Climate Change, Environmental Biostatistics

Brian Schwartz

Professor, Dept of Environmental Health and Engineering
Co-director, Program on Global Sustainability & Health
Co-director, Environmental Health Institute
Bloomberg School of Public Health

bschwar1@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Built environment & health
  • Environmental epidemiology
  • Health effects of climate change and energy scarcity
  • Health effects of Marcellus shale production & abandoned coal mines
Keywords: Environmental health, Global environmental sustainability, Climate and health

Genee Smith

Assistant Professor, Dept of Environmental Health and Engineering
Bloomberg School of Public Health

genee@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Relationship between climate change and the severity or incidence of infectious diseases.
  • Association between air pollutant exposures and the incidence of active pulmonary tuberculosis in several populations in the US.
Keywords: Air pollution, Climate change, Environmental health, Epidemiology

Scott Zeger

Professor and Vice Provost for Research , Dept of Biostatistics 
Bloomberg School of Public Health

sz@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Air pollution epidemiology
  • Quantifying the costs of smoking
  • Stratospheric ozone depletion time series analysis and signal processing

Selected Publications

Caffo, B., Peng, R., Dominici, F., Louis, T.A., Zeger, S. (2011). Parallel Bayesian MCMC Imputation for Multiple Distributed Lag Models: A Case Study in Environmental Epidemiology. In S. Brooks, A. Gelman, G.L. Jones, & X.L. Meng (Eds.), Handbook of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (pp. 493-511). Boca Raton: Chapman & Hall/CRC.

Keywords: Air Pollution, Bioinformatics, Climate Change, Ecology, Environmental Health, Environmental Sciences, Epidemiology, International Health, Population Studies, Statistics

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