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Jane Bennett

Professor, Department of Political Science, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

janebennett@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • European eco-philosophy and the tradition of American nature-writing (Thoreau, Whitman)
  • Actor-Network-Theory's focus on the power or agency of nonhuman actors
Keywords: Ecological philosophy

Anand Pandian

Associate Professor, Dept of Anthropology
Krieger School of Arts & Sciences

pandian@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Ecological horizons of human aspirations - the tensions between human and ecological spheres.
  • Cinema, media, and public culture, including the ecology of creative process. 

E²SHI-Supported Projects

Plastic materials and the plasticity of aspiration in contemporary America

Keywords: Ecological anthropology, Environmental humanities, Eco-philosophy

If sea level is a constant, your coastal infrastructure is your most valuable real estate, and it makes sense to invest in it, but with sea level rising, it becomes a money pit.
— William Stiles, executive director of Wetlands Watch, Norfolk VA. Nov 25, 2010