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Daniel Zachary

Program Director and Senior Lecturer, Energy Policy and Climate Program
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Advanced Academic Programs

d.s.zachary@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Integrated assessment (IA) modeling – energy infrastructure and air quality models: building coupled (meta-models) and using them to better understand the built environment, including: projecting urban/regional energy infrastructure growth and subsequent air pollution and human impact to inform policy support measures. 
  • Smart grid applications in terms of long-term policy analysis. 
  • Statistical techniques to expand urban IA models to study regional and global energy systems with their subsequent pollution impact.
Keywords: Air pollution, Energy infrastructure, Smart grid, Urban sustainability

Benjamin Zaitchik

Associate Professor, Dept of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

zaitchik@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:

Hydrology and climate science with focus on water resource sustainability, climate-based analysis of disease risk, and renewable energy analysis.

Selected Publications

Zaitchik BF, K O’Meara, K Baja, MC McCormack, AA Scott and DW Waugh. (2016). "B’more Cool: Monitoring the Urban Heat Island at High Density for Health and Urban Design." Earthzine.

Zaitchik BF, B Simane, S Habib, MC Anderson, M Ozdogan, and JD Foltz. (2012). "Building Climate Resilience in the Blue Nile/Abay Highlands - A role for Earth System Sciences." International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 9(2): 435-461.

E²SHI-Supported Projects

Building climate resilience in vulnerable regions

Modeling the effects of climate change on the global food system

Keywords: Agriculture/food, Climate change, Resource management, Water, Ecology

Scott Zeger

Professor and Vice Provost for Research , Dept of Biostatistics 
Bloomberg School of Public Health

sz@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Air pollution epidemiology
  • Quantifying the costs of smoking
  • Stratospheric ozone depletion time series analysis and signal processing

Selected Publications

Caffo, B., Peng, R., Dominici, F., Louis, T.A., Zeger, S. (2011). Parallel Bayesian MCMC Imputation for Multiple Distributed Lag Models: A Case Study in Environmental Epidemiology. In S. Brooks, A. Gelman, G.L. Jones, & X.L. Meng (Eds.), Handbook of Markov Chain Monte Carlo (pp. 493-511). Boca Raton: Chapman & Hall/CRC.

Keywords: Air Pollution, Bioinformatics, Climate Change, Ecology, Environmental Health, Environmental Sciences, Epidemiology, International Health, Population Studies, Statistics

Meng Zhu

Associate Professor of Marketing
Carey Business School

mengzhu@jhu.eduFaculty Website

Research Areas:
  • Behavioral determinants of waste in consumption as well as contextual factors that trigger conservation behavior, such as incidental resource cues, marketing cues, and color cues. 
  • Impact of the abundance psychology on the consumption of physical and mental resources.

Selected Publications

Mehta, R. and M. Zhu (2016), “Creating When You Have Less: The Impact of Resource Scarcity on Product Use Creativity,” Journal of Consumer Research, 42(5), 767-782.

Keywords: Behavior change/analysis, Waste & resource use

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