Research & Projects

E²SHI leverages the expertise of researchers from across Johns Hopkins University to develop and deepen our understanding of how environmental deterioration harms our health and well-being today and to find ways to lessen these effects in the future. These dedicated scholars and researchers work together to understand the effects of human activities on the Earth’s environment, to invent technologies to prevent future environmental problems, and to rehabilitate damage where it has already occurred.

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Seed Grants

E²SHI awards seed grants to multidiscliplinary research teams at Johns Hopkins University. Research topics among the teams are broad reaching and taps into expertise of researchers across JHU schools and programs.

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E²SHI offers graduate students a range of research and education development opportunities to foster the next generation of leaders to protect and restore our environment into the future.

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Learn about the projects E²SHI is supporting in areas such as climate modeling and observations, climate and health, climate policy and decision-making, and behavioral change.

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Find out how E²SHI is supporting research on technology-driven science, technology and energy materials development, as well as societal and health impacts of energy.

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Behavior Interventions

Check out the research projects E²SHI is supporting to understand incentives, attitudes, decision-making in connection with climate change, the built environment, and energy, as well as natural resources management, sustainable agriculture practices, and diet.

I am I plus my surroundings and if I do not preserve the latter, I do not preserve myself.
— Jose Ortega y Gasset