Howard Katz on the Power of Plastic

Howard Katz, an E²SHI Associate and professor in the materials science and engineering department, discusses his team's work to develop plastic thermoelectrics - and to improve the technology needed to reliably and affordably turn waste heat into electricity. To-date, they have formulized a new plastic that is ten times more efficient than current options.

Read the full article from the JHU Engineering Magazine's Winter 2016 issue.


Dr. Katz received seed grants from E²SHI in 2012-2013 to develop a sensor to detect low concentrations of ammonia and other environmental and occupational hazards and 2014-2015 to develop new nanotechnology that would quickly detect the MRSA virus, preventing spread of the infection in the environment and food supply. 

The correlation between poverty and obesity can be traced to agricultural policies and subsidies.
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