Calls for Papers, Nominations, and More

Find calls for papers, posters, presentations, or nominations in environment, energy, sustainability and related health areas for journals, conferences, or committees worldwide. We do not specifically endorse the below calls or events, but do encourage Johns Hopkins researchers to submit papers or nominations where appropriate and feasible.

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Integrated Marine Biosphere Research: The organizers of IMBIZO 5, an international meeting for ocean research, have opened a call for abstracts that aim to understand, quantify and compare the historic and present structure and functioning of linked ocean and human systems to predict and project changes including developing scenarios and options for securing or transitioning towards ocean sustainability. The event will be held October 2-5 in Woods Hole, MA. Deadline: May 31.

Utilization of Gaseous Carbon Waste Streams: The National Academies of Sciences’ Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology invites nominations to an ad hoc committee that will conduct a comprehensive assessment of future research and development needs for carbon utilization. Deadline: May 31.

Students for Zero Waste: The Post-Landfill Action Network invites proposals for the Students for Zero Waste event, to be held November 3-4 in Philadelphia. Organizers are looking for workshops and presenters to have a diversity of thought, experience and background in zero waste, environmental justice and sustainability practices in general. Deadline: June 1.

Innovation in Energy or Transportation Behavior Change: Tools of Change is soliciting nominations for its 2017 Landmark behavior change case studies in two topic areas: (1) energy conservation; and (2) sustainable transportation. Nominations are invited for individuals or groups who are working on an effective or innovative approach for changing energy or transportation behaviors. All nominations must include measured impact results. Deadline: June 5. 

► Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans: The organizers of the 4th International Symposium on the Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans is accepting proposals for sessions and workshops addressing the causes and consequences of changing climate on marine ecosystems within the context of evolving ecosystem drivers. The symposium will be held June 4-8, 2018 in Washington, DC. Deadline: June 9.

Sustainable Energy, Engineering, Materials and Environment: The organizers of the International Research Conference on Sustainable Energy, Engineering, Materials and Environment invite abstracts for papers, oral and poster presentations to be presented at the conference July 26-28 at Northumbria University (UK). Deadline: June 15. 

Grand Challenges in Environmental Engineering and Science for the 21st Century: The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine invites the scientific community and the public to submit ideas about ambitious but achievable goals that harness science, technology, and innovation from environmental engineering and science to solve important national or global problems.

Future Earth Open Network: The Future Earth Open Network is a new online tool for building collaboration around research and engagement for global sustainability.This free online platform is a space for professionals from around the world to gather and do the crucial work of building transformations to a more sustainable world. It is open to anyone committed to sustainability, including researchers from all disciplines and experts in policy, civil society, business, media, the humanities, arts and law and interested citizens.

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