Systems Science

The National Science Foundation’s System Science (SYS) program funds fundamental research on engineered systems that supports the creation of a theoretically sound foundation for systems engineering. The System Science program invites proposals that address fundamental issues critical to the design of large scale complex engineered systems, such as:

  1. The relation of the structure of an engineering organization to design outcomes
  2. Uncertainty quantification and management from initial engineering design predictions through to operation and maintenance of large scale systems
  3. The manner in which individual design decisions are aggregated to bring about whole systems
  4. Path dependence of design decision-making
  5. The way that relevant knowledge and information, mediated by individual engineers organized into very large teams, impact systems engineering outcomes

Research under the Systems Science program should draw on or extend established theory in mathematics, economics, organizational sociology, social psychology, and other relevant fields. The Systems Science program provides an opportunity to connect research on systems engineering or engineering design with basic research in dynamic systems, control systems, optimization, and other systems-related fields.

Proposals are accepted between the following time frames each year:

  • September 1 - September 15
  • January 10 - January 24

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