Hydrologic Sciences

Due Date: 12/31/2017

The National Science Foundation (NSF) Hydrologic Sciences Program focuses on the fluxes of water in the environment that constitute the water cycle as well as the mass and energy transport function of the water cycle in the environment. The Program supports studying:

  1. Processes from rainfall to runoff to infiltration and streamflow
  2. Evaporation and transpiration
  3. Flow of water in soils and aquifers and the transport of suspended, dissolved and colloidal components

The Program is interested in research that:

  1. Fills identified knowledge gaps in hydrology
  2. Poses fundamental new questions about the role and function of water in the critical zone system
  3. Will provide answers to those fundamental questions

Consequently, Hydrologic Sciences is not interested in case studies that apply current knowledge to site-specific problems, as they will have only limited transferable value.

The program does not have deadlines and proposals are accepted anytime. 

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