Geography and Spatial Sciences Program

Due Date: 09/07/2017

The National Science Foundation’s Geography and Spatial Sciences (GSS) Program sponsors research on the geographic distributions and interactions of human, physical, and biotic systems on Earth. Investigators are encouraged to propose plans for research about the nature, causes, and consequences of human activity and natural environmental processes across a range of scales. Projects on a variety of topics qualify for support if they offer promise of contributing to scholarship by enhancing geographical knowledge, concepts, theories, methods, and their application to societal problems and concerns.

The goals of the program are to promote:

  • Basic scientific research in geography and spatial science that advances theory, fundamental understanding, and scientific approaches and addresses the challenges facing society.
  • The education and training of geographers and spatial scientists in order to enhance the capabilities of current and future generations of researchers.
  • The involvement of geographers and spatial scientists in interdisciplinary research.

GSS provides support through a number of different funding mechanisms:

  1. Regular research awards
  2. Doctoral dissertation research improvement (DDRI) awards (Note that there is a separate solicitation for DDRI proposals to be submitted to GSS.)
  3. Faculty early-career development (CAREER) awards
  4. Awards for conferences, group travel, and community-development activities
  5. Research coordination network (RCN) award
  6. Rapid-response research (RAPID) awards

This solicitation supports proposals for regular research awards; proposals for awards for conferences, group travel, and community-development activities; proposals for research coordination network (RCN) awards; and proposals for rapid-response research (RAPID) awards.

Proposals are accepted the first Thursday in September each year.

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