JHU Engaged Scholar Faculty and Community Fellows Program

Due Date: 05/31/2017

The Engaged Scholar Faculty and Community Fellows Program is an initiative of the Johns Hopkins Center for Social Concern to more formally train Johns Hopkins faculty and community partners in community-based learning (CBL) best practices. The program fosters a growing network of scholars at JHU who possess a broader knowledge of CBL. The center pairs JHU faculty with leaders from local nonprofits. 

Benefits: As an Engaged Scholar Faculty Fellow, you will receive the following:

  • Formal training in principles and best practices of Community-Based Learning
  • Title of “Engaged Scholar Faculty Fellow”
  • A $2000 stipend that can be used at your discretion

Courses will receive $1,000 as a course assistant stipend supplement and the opportunity to request a small amount of course supply funds.

Program Requirements: Once accepted into the program, Fellows are required to meet the program requirements listed below.

  • Participate in a two-day training to be held during the beginning of August.
  • Offer a CBL course spring semester; the course may be offered in any discipline, but must embody one or more of the CSC’s civic values or competencies.
  • Attend evening cohort sessions, to be held once a month
  • Encourage students from your courses to submit dissemination products for a closing reception in May

Should you have any questions, contact Gia Grier McGinnis at the Center for Social Concern.

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