IBM World Community Grid: Support for Climate or Environmental Research

As part of IBM's leadership in addressing climate change, they are offering IBM resources, at no charge, to help accelerate research in this crucial area. IBM's World Community Grid, The Weather Company (an IBM business), and IBM Cloud are partnering to invite scientists to apply for grants of large-scale crowdsourced computing power, weather data, and cloud storage to support research on important climate science and environmental problems and their impact.

If you have any current or potential climate change and/or environmental research effort that could benefit from these resources, learn more about this opportunity and apply.

In exchange for the financial support. IBM asks recipients to support open science by publicly releasing the research data from your collaboration with IBM, enabling the global community to benefit from and build upon your findings.

The first round deadline for applications is September 15, 2017. Up to 5 proposals will be selected for grants beginning Fall 2017, and grants will continued to be made on a rolling basis.

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