Johns Hopkins Catalyst Awards

The Johns Hopkins Catalyst Awards supports promising research and creative endeavors of early career faculty at Johns Hopkins with the goal of launching them on a path to a sustainable and rewarding academic career.

The program encompasses not only funding but also mentoring opportunities and the chance to join a cohort of peers at a similar stage in their career.

Faculty may request up to $75,000, with an award term of one year. Support may be used for salary, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows or technicians, equipment, travel, and/or consumables. Applicants must describe a credible plan to make substantial progress toward their aims with one year of funding. 


Applications from early-career faculty in any academic or professional discipline at the university are encouraged to apply.

  1. “Early-career” is defined as any full-time faculty member who was first appointed to a faculty position at any institution within no less than three (3) years and no more than ten (10) years as of the Catalyst Award application deadline.

  2. Research Associates at the School of Medicine (SOM); Bloomberg School of Public Health (BSPH); the Whiting School of Engineering (WSE); and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences are NOT eligible for the Catalyst Award, but are encouraged to consider applying for the Discovery Award.

Applications are accepted once per year, typically in the spring semester. Check the Catalyst Awards website for information about deadlines. 

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