Frequently Asked Questions

1.  If I am submitting a letter of inquiry, pre-proposal or other preliminary materials, and intend to go through E²SHI for the full proposal if invited, am I required to submit the preliminary materials through E²SHI in order to do so for the full proposal?
Submitting the preliminary materials through E²SHI is not required, but encouraged.
2.  I cannot meet the 14 day recommendation to send my materials for submitting a proposal. What do I do?
Contact Sean Carr at or 410-516-7093 to let him know the materials will be delayed and to discuss a revised timeframe for submitting the materials.
3.  If I submit a proposal through E²SHI, does that cut my department out of funding and/or credit for the proposal? 
The answer is no on both accounts. Departments do not receive less funding or credit for the proposal if it is submitted through E²SHI. We have arranged the funding allocation with the university administration so it can be a win-win for departments, schools and E²SHI by making the pie bigger and not taking anything out of your department’s share.

Other Questions?

For questions related to submitting an application or following a submission, contact Sean Carr at or 410-516-7093.

For questions about E²SHI, its research priorities, or how to become an Associate (E²SHI’s research network), contact Katie Igrec at or 410-516-7326.

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