Proposal Submission Guidelines

See the FAQs for more info

E²SHI provides support to Hopkins researchers through a proposal submission service to foster interdisciplinary collaboration across Hopkins schools.

Johns Hopkins University faculty and staff are invited to submit proposals through E²SHI for a streamlined, user-friendly process for preparing and submitting proposals and dependable grants management. Other resources – such as staff support, budget assistance, cover page preparation, etc. – are also available through E²SHI.

Another plus for submitting a proposal through E²SHI: our staff can help bring your research and findings to the attention of a broad audience. This can include widely disseminating research findings and helping to communicate findings to businesses, policymakers and other people who can use the information.

To ensure the best chances possible for funding, we have provided the following guidelines for submitting proposals through E²SHI.


Any Johns Hopkins faculty and staff (including postdocs & researchers) are eligible for E²SHI’s proposal submission services providing the proposed research efforts address environment and/or energy topics. Proposals involving interdisciplinary and interdivisional collaboration will receive higher priority than non-interdisciplinary proposals. 

How to Submit a Proposal through E²SHI

Step 1: Let us know you’re planning to submit an application!

As soon as you determine you want to submit a proposal through E²SHI, send a brief summary with the below information to Senior Research Service Analyst, Sean Carr. The summary can be included directly in the email body.

  • Link to the RFA (or similar announcement)
  • Include names of the principal investigator and if apply, the research team members. Please include title, department and school for each person.
  • A brief description of the proposed research project and how it relates to environment and/or energy areas.

This will give us a chance to ask questions if necessary and to provide us a sense of what to expect when the full application is submitted. If your project is water related, see the FAQs for important information.

E²SHI requests all materials to be submitted to us 14 days in advance of the application deadline. We will thoroughly examine the application materials for you to make sure all required materials are included and the budget is balanced.

Materials to attach with your proposals:
  • Names of all related personnel, their percentages (effort and/or salary) their contact information and a brief bio for each person
  • Project summary
  • Project budget
  • Other supplementary materials
  • Completed checklist
  • Face pages
  • Cover sheets
  • Routing sheets

All materials should be sent electronically to Sean Carr. If necessary, mail materials to:

Johns Hopkins Environment, Energy, Sustainability & Health Institute
Attn: Sean Carr
3400 N. Charles St, Ames Hall 313
Baltimore, MD 21218
If Your Proposal is Funded
E²SHI will work with your department to ensure funds are distributed to the research team accordingly.


Check out the FAQs for more information

For questions related to submitting an application or following a submission, contact Sean Carr.

For questions about E²SHI or its research priorities, contact E²SHI Director Ben Hobbs

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