Are you a Johns Hopkins faculty, instructor or staff researcher?

E²SHI supports Johns Hopkins faculty, instructors and staff researchers interested in pursuing research and teaching activities related to environment, energy, sustainability and/or health. We provide support in several ways.

E²SHI Associates: linking researchers across Johns Hopkins

E²SHI Associates is a network of faculty, instructors and staff researchers across Johns Hopkins involved in research related to environment and energy topics. To join E²SHI Associates, complete this brief form or contact us at

We offer Associates:

  • Assistance in identifying other experts at Johns Hopkins for potential collaborations.
  • Advice, and if appropriate, assistance with developing proposals..
  • Proposal submission services to foster interdisciplinary collaboration across Johns Hopkins. .
  • Working groups on strategic areas, such as biofuels, climate and global food supplies, behavioral interventions for waste management, energy and air quality, and urban sustainability..
  • Roundtables for peer-learning exchanges and brainstorming on sustainability-related topics. .
  • Maintaining a directory to help other researchers internally as well as external audiences to find experts on environment and energy related topics at Hopkins.

Point of contact for all environment and energy related activities at Johns Hopkins

E²SHI is the primary point of contact at Johns Hopkins for research and education in environment and energy areas. A few examples of how we do this:

  • Coordinate with the JHU Office of Sustainability to expand opportunities to engage faculty, staff and students in sustainability efforts at all Johns Hopkins campuses.
  • Coordinate with other Johns Hopkins divisions to expand environment education, student opportunities, and research efforts.
  • Spotlight events and research activities to a broad audience that includes the internal Hopkins communities as well as external groups, such as government agencies and community groups.

Do you have funded research projects, events, student opportunities or other environment-related items to share with the Hopkins community? Email us and we will spread the word. 

Learn other ways to connect with E²SHI

    Hopkins faculty at the reception following the 4th Annual E²SHI Symposium held April 25, 2014.
    Photo credit: Brett Brodsky  

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