NCSE Conference: The Science, Business, and Education of Sustainable Infrastructure

January 23-25, 2018
Hyatt Regency Crystal City
Arlington, VA

This is a non-Hopkins event.

The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) presents the 2018 NCSE National Conference and Global ForumScience, Policy, and the Environment: The Science, Business, and Education of Sustainable Infrastructure will explore how systems thinking and a sustainability framework can serve society through investment in natural, built, cyber, and social infrastructure. Policymakers, business people, scientists, and other citizens will come together to consider the opportunities for investment in infrastructure and discuss how scholarly communities, business, and government can work together to advance solutions that can enable well-being for all over multiple generations.

The conference will examine how design that integrates nature and technology can increase resilience in a time of rapid social, technological, and environmental change. Expect to discuss how research and education can be transformed to foster transdisciplinary convergence to help meet societal needs. The conference will engage people from multiple perspectives, sectors, and disciplines in a rich conversation that will expand personal perspectives, change the way we operate in our professional lives, and influence the policy and scholarly agenda moving forward.

Conference Goals

  • Advance strategic frameworks for sustainability and resilient infrastructure
  • Catalyze thinking and action using a systems perspective on sustainable infrastructure for a healthy economy and environment that benefits all
  • Explore the human and ethical dimensions of infrastructure
  • Identify science and education to supply tools and information that can drive local outcomes in alliance with global and national challenges
  • Advance teaching and educational infrastructure across disciplines and institutional types
  • Build collaborating communities of scholars and practitioners in business, government and civil society.


  • Emerging megatrends and their consequences
  • Integration of natural and built environments
  • Convergence between humans and technology
  • Ecological design
  • Ecosystem services
  • Life cycle resilience
  • Food, energy and water systems
  • Resilient urban systems
  • Connections between urban, suburban, and rural areas
  • Decarbonizing infrastructure investments
  • Mobility and transportation systems of today and tomorrow
  • Infrastructure, sustainability, and security
  • Smart systems and evidence-based decision making
  • Financing infrastructure through public and private investments
  • Interdisciplinary education about infrastructure
  • Governance, collaboration and citizen engagement at local, state, federal, and international levels
  • Modeling and measuring sustainable infrastructure
  • Equity as a core aspect of sustainable infrastructure
  • Consequences of innovation and technological transformation, and continuous and instantaneous sharing of information

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