Conservation and Biodiversity Summer Research Opportunities

Operation Wallacea is an organization that works through academic collaborations to run volunteer based conservation management and biodiversity monitoring research in remote areas across the world. Academics and students have the opportunity to join their survey efforts over the summer months at one of the 23 research sites in 10 countries: Indonesia, Honduras, Egypt, Madagascar, Guyana, South Africa, Mozambique, Peru, Mexico and Guatemala.

Students can join the expeditions that run 2 to 8 weeks as Research Assistants, which involves helping gather primary data in a wide variety of tasks on each research topic. Operation Wallacea offers the opportunity to work with a range of scientific teams in order to strengthen students’ resumes or help them decide whether tropical field work is of interest for a future career. Undergraduate and graduate students can also use their expedition to gather data for a senior or Master’s thesis.

Note: This is not a paid research position. Students are responsible for paying the cost for the program. See Operation Wallacea’s website for pricing information.

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