Center for a Livable Future: Student Research Assistants

Each year, the Center for a Livable Future (CLF) recruits a limited number of undergraduate and graduate student research assistants to work during the academic year. The positions provide programmatic, research, and administrative assistance to CLF staff and faculty.

Responsibilities include a range of duties such as web-based research, report writing, data cleaning and data entry, data analysis, literature review, event planning, maintaining social media tools, and communication material development. Performing administrative support activities is part of a Research Assistant's scope of work, but generally involves no more than 20% of work hours.

Research Assistants are encouraged to attend CLF-sponsored seminars and lectures that are scheduled during the academic year. 

Positions vary from year to year. Examples of past positions include:

  • Food Policy Networks - Master's student preferred; 19 hours/week
  • Technical Assistance to Meatless Monday - Master's student preferred; 10-15 hours/week
  • Sustainable Diets/ Industrial Food Animal Production (IFAP) - Master's student preferred; 10-15 hours/week
  • Baltimore Food System Resilience - Master's student preferred; 10 hours/week
  • Safe Urban Harvest -  Three openings for this position; Master’s and PhD students will be considered; 10 hours/week
  • Food System Policy Research - Master's student preferred; 15 hours/week
  • CLF Website Re-Organization Project; SharePoint intranet document management - Undergraduate and master’s students will be considered; 12 hours/week
  • Food System Lab @ Cylburn Education Project - Master’s and PhD students will be considered; up to 10 hours/week
  • Food System Lab @ Cylburn Farm Operations - Undergraduate or Master’s student; up to 19.5 hours/week

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