JHU: Office of Sustainability Fall Internships

The Office of Sustainability works with stakeholders across the Johns Hopkins University to adapt operations, establish programmatic initiatives, and infuse stewardship for the environment into campus culture. As part of a new internship program, interns will work on a multitude of projects, ranging from planning events and developing educational resources and marketing materials, initiating or helping to host university programs and campaigns, to conducting research and working with campus partners to develop programs, integrate sustainability into operations, and assist our efforts to affect systems-level change across the university.  The office is accepting applications for the following internship positions:

All positions are paid and open to current JHU students only. All internships span 15 weeks each semester, at roughly 50-75 hours per term.

Students must be able to work independently, including off-site. All interns will meet weekly as a group with office staff, weekly with their project supervisor, and participate in other conversations as needed, able and appropriate.

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