Environmental and Energy Study Institute Internship

The Environmental and Energy Studies Institute (EESI) is a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC dedicated to promoting environmentally sustainable societies. EESI informs policymakers so that they enact legislation and policies promoting renewable energy, energy efficiency and the phasing out of harmful climate pollutants. ESI covers a wide range of issues, from electric vehicles, to renewable energy, from Combined Heat and Power (CHP) to pedestrian-friendly cities. 

EESI relies on interns to provide substantive help to advance the Institute's environmental and energy policy agenda. In return, interns gain insight into the workings of Congress and the federal legislative process, knowledge of significant environmental and energy issues, and an understanding of a non-profit organization. Through EESI coalition building with other organizations, interns will witness how environmental and energy issues develop within the public policy arena. EESI internships offer invaluable career benefits and opportunities and may also be used for undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate credit. EESI recruits interns throughout the year on a rotating basis. Internship start and end dates are flexible. Internships require a commitment of 25-40 hours per week for a minimum of 10-12 weeks.

Examples of internship positions typically available each semester:

  • Communications & Policy Internship 
  • Development Internship 
  • Policy Internship

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Nearly all our present ecological problems arise from deep-seated social problems.
— Murray Bookchin