Energy and Environmental Economics Internships

Energy + Environmental Economics (E3) is a consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco, CA that helps utilities, regulators, policy makers, developers, and investors make the best strategic decisions possible as they implement new public policies, respond to technological advances, and address customers’ shifting expectations. E3’s greatest strengths lie in its team of consultants - the analysts, engineers, policy experts, economists, scientists, and others who have a deep understanding of contemporary analytical techniques, electricity industry economics, energy markets, and regulatory institutions. 

E3 interns work alongside our staff on emerging energy topics. They may be able to develop a research project that could lead to future research or publication.

The program is highly competitive. Applicants must be in MA or PhD programs in science, engineering, economics, business, or public policy. Ideal candidates combine enthusiasm for their topics, academic excellence, and relevant work experience.

The application period typically runs December through January for the following summer.

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