ACORE Internships in Renewable Energy

The American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) invites applications from rising seniors, graduate students, and recent university graduates who are interested in making a career in the renewable energy industry. The focus of the internship program is to assist young professionals along the path of professional development, gaining the knowledge, resources and experience they need to join the renewable energy industry, whether it be in professional services, research, communications, market development, finance or policy. 

The principal activity during the internship is an individual research project meant to focus the intern's attention and knowledge of a niche or aspect of renewable energy, preparing them to seek a job in that area. Interns work on their papers by researching the renewable energy industry, delving into publications and reading lists provided to them by ACORE staff, and interviewing members of the renewable energy community, as well as potential employers though personal introductions by ACORE staff and ACORE networking opportunities. Once reviewed and accepted by the intern's respective academic organization, intern papers are posted on the ACORE website.

Internship applications are welcome from rising seniors and graduate students personally committed to making renewable energy the focus of their future career. Applications from many majors, and from all U.S. universities are welcome. ACORE does not assist with obtaining visas to work/study in the U.S.

Location: Internships are based in ACORE's Washington, DC office. Remote or web-based internships are not currently available.

Timeframe: New applications are reviewed three times a year, roughly in line with the academic calendar. Interviews are conducted in the one to two months before each internship term begins. These terms are generally from September to December, January to April and May to August. Internships are customized to individual interns' schedules. Most internships are 2 or 3 full days per week for 3 to 4 months. Based on your individual academic schedule and availability, full time internships are available. The internship program is unpaid. Many participants who are not currently enrolled in school choose to work part-time alongside a part-time internship.

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