How donations can be used


E²SHI’s visionary approach to addressing critical and emerging global problems requires philanthropic investment. Your investment can further the transformational work of this interdisciplinary research institute. Some examples of how investments can be used:

General support
A dependable base of support is needed for E²SHI’s core activities, including seed grant funding, symposia, and proposal initiation. These core activities encourage researchers from different fields to collaborate with support from E²SHI’s staff. The activities also challenge researchers to communicate their findings to a broader audience, including legislators and other policymakers, and the public at large.
These funds will also enhance the research and teaching capabilities of the Institute to facilitate future large-scale federal funding.
Fellowship Support
To attract and keep strong students who will reap significant academic and research benefits from combining different disciplines, Johns Hopkins must offer competitive fellowship packages. These fellowships can also be used to attract prominent visiting scholars to enrich Hopkins’ research and education capabilities.
Term fellowships of $30,000 and above will hold the donor’s chosen name throughout the fellowship term.
Endowed fellowships of $100,000 and above will hold the donor’s chosen name in perpetuity.
Educational Support
New approaches to environmental education, such as including E²SHI content in undergraduate non-science course curricula, will educate the next generation of scientists, professionals and leaders. Traditional funding sources do not support such new approaches to environmental education.
To make a donation to E²SHI or learn more about the Institute’s plans and needs, contact Ben Hobbs, Director of E²SHI.

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