About E²SHI

At Johns Hopkins University, a team of world-renowned scientists, engineers, and experts in public health, business and policy launched E²SHI in 2010 – the Environment, Energy, Sustainability and Health Institute. E²SHI (pronounced eh-shee) is an interdisciplinary research and educational initiative that seeks to pinpoint the causes and health consequences of environmental change and to develop solutions. E²SHI fosters technologies and policies to promote sustainability and health, while educating the next generation of leaders to protect and restore our environment into the future.


E²SHI is committed to sharing and implementing its findings through:

  1. Advancing interdisciplinary scholarship by building teams of engineers, public health experts, and physical and social scientists who understand – and can develop solutions to – environmental and energy challenges.
  2. Providing the best scientific evidence to policy makers and managers in order to improve the effectiveness of environmental policies and investments and lower their cost.
  3. Developing interdisciplinary approaches to education that will equip a new generation of engineers, natural and social scientists, and clinicians with the tools and knowledge they need to solve these global problems.


Nearly all our present ecological problems arise from deep-seated social problems.
— Murray Bookchin